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Human Resource Management Consultants


Lighthouse Associates Consulting, LLC is a  management consulting firm focusing in three specific areas:

  • Executive, Management and Staff Incentive Compensation, Goal Setting and Performance Management, Intermediate Sanctions and TBOR Reviews

  • Employee Relations Improvement

  • Health Care Benefit Cost Reduction

Our practice has a specialized focus for employers in the healthcare sector, service sector and employers with self-funded health insurance programs. 

 Lighthouse Associates Consulting Human Resource Consultants

Our Areas of Consulting Expertise

Lighthouse Associates Consulting, LLC. is a human resource management consulting firm. While we were founded in 1998, our genesis goes back to 1981 and we now have over 25 years of consulting experience. We have worked in over 1000 organizations and provide a wide range of services to employers ranging in size from 20 to 20,000 or more employees.  Our services include:

  • Executive Incentive Compensation and Rewards

  • Intermediate Sanction and TBOR 2 Reviews for Tax Exempt Organizations

  • Employee Total Compensation

  • Performance Management

  • Healthcare Benefits Plan Consulting

  • Employee Opinion Surveys

  • Strategic Human Resource Planning

  • Organizational Development

  • Non-Traditional Management Training

  • Non-Traditional Employee Communications Strategies


Our Industry Expertise

Our expertise extends to the following industry sectors:

  • Healthcare Sector including

    • Integrated delivery systems

    • Multi-hospital systems

    • Community Hospitals

    • Ambulatory Care Providers

    • Extended/Long Term Care Providers

    • Multi-Group and Multi-Physician Practices

    • Home Health Providers

    • Insurance Providers

    • Third Party Benefits Administrators

    • Healthcare Provider Networks

    • Medical Education Providers

    • Others directly or indirectly involved in the delivery of health care services

  • Service Sector including

    • Information Services

    • Financial Services

    • Insurance Services

    • Legal Services

    • Professional Scientific and Technical Services

    • Retail Trades

    • Hospitality and Food Services

    • Art, Entertainment and Recreation Services

    • Transportation and Warehousing Services

  • Tax Exempt Organizations

    • 501(c)(3) Tax Exempt Organizations

    • Other Not for Profit Organizations

    • Membership Organizations

  • Organizations with Self-Funded Employee Health Plans

Our Guarantee

We guarantee our consulting services will be delivered

  • On or before the date promised

  • At or below the committed level of fees

  • In a manner that meets or exceeds your expectations

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Group Health Plan Sponsors Now Required To Comply With CHIPRA

Employers that sponsor group health plans may need to update those plans to comply with the new requirements of the federal Children's Health Insurance Reauthorization Act of 2009 ("CHIPRA"). [More]



IRS Nonprofit Hospital Study ? Final Report

Internal Revenue Service officials released the final report on its tax-exempt hospital project. The project aimed to help the IRS and public better understand how nonprofit hospitals benefit their communities, the basis for their federal tax exemption. The project also delved into executive compensation practices of nonprofit hospitals. The final report is based on the responses to questionnaires the IRS received from almost 500 hospitals. 

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Grassley Would Add Hospital Scrutiny to Stimulus Bill

from WSJ

Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) has been eyeing nonprofit hospitals for years, asking tough questions about whether theyć €oing enough charity work to deserve their tax exemptions. Now he wants to fold some of his ideas for scrutiny in the big stimulus bill grinding its way through Congress.


















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