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  • Strategic performance management and compensation consulting for C-level level executives. Specifically, we provide assistance to CEOs and Executive Compensation Committees of the Board to ensure that compensation is a tool to improve organizational performance, motivate specific results, and that it does so in a manner compliant with IRS requirements.
  • Strategic employee engagement. Specifically, create engaged employees who perceive and act upon a clear understanding of their role as positive contributors in the aligned organization.
  • Strategic employee benefits programs. An organization's benefits plans have gone from being an afterthought to a major component of cost. We specifically assist organization to identify the strategic role their benefit plans can play in an overall employee engagement strategy.

We are not everything to everybody. In fact we specifically limit our scope of practice to three specific areas of expertise. These are:

Each day senior executives in large, complex 501(c)(3) organizations are faced with a multitude of decisions. Whether these decisions are large or small, they all have certain characteristics in common:

  • They must be consistent with and supportive of the mission, vision and values of the organization
  • They must align with other efforts and initiatives in place in the organization, and
  • They must both minimize organizational risk and maximize strategic advantage

Lighthouse ACG is positioned to assist your organization ensure that you achieve these goals.

Our Specific Services

CEOs and governing boards are faced with increased complexities as the leaders of large 501(c)(3) organizations. At Lighthouse ACG, our specialty is to provide strategic assistance at key risk points, ensuring that C-level executives and board members  are able to make informed decisions as they lead their organizations.

Strategic Advice