Lighthouse Associates Consulting Group


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Our Vision



Building Trust

We strive to be the most trusted provider of strategic consulting services in our areas of expertise. We provide services that enhance the performance and reduce the risks of large, complex not-for-profit (501(c)(3)) organizations.

Lighthouse ACG is a strategic management consulting firm. Founded in 2001, our genesis actually goes back to 1981 and we now have over 30 years of consulting experience as a firm. We have worked in over 1,000 organizations and provide a wide range of services to employers ranging in size from 200 to 20,000 or more employees.  Our services include:

  • Executive Incentive Compensation and Rewards

  • Intermediate Sanction and TBOR 2 Reviews for Tax Exempt Organizations

  • Employee Total Compensation

  • Performance Management

  • Healthcare Benefits Plan Consulting

  • Employee Opinion Surveys

  • Strategic Human Resource Planning

  • Organizational Development

  • Non-Traditional Management Training

  • Non-Traditional Employee Communications Strategies

Our practice has a specialized focus for employers in the healthcare sector, service sector and employers with self-funded health insurance programs.