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Executives and board members all want to maintain a successful organization. They want to ensure that every member of the organization is a part of that success. So why do some organizations meet their full potential with motivated and engaged leaders and employees while others seem to come up a little short ? The answers are simple: engagement, vision, and alignment. 

While the answers are simple, implementation is another thing altogether. That's where our expertise can help. Our consultants have proven methodologies and processes to help organizations like yours create alignment and achieve its goals. 

Senior Executive Performance Management and Total Compensation 

A significant part of creating strong organizational alignment comes from the way an organization manages and monitors the performance of executives, managers, and staff and  how it aligns compensation to that performance. Organizations have experimented with individual pay-for-performance, group-based performance pay, and many other variants. It is critical that organizations align its performance management, compensation, and reward systems to accomplish its objectives.

It is also critical that the total compensation packages provided to executives and other "disqualified individuals" in 501(c)(3) organizations meet the requirements of Revenue Code Section 4958, the so called "Intermediate Sanctions Review".  Lighthouse ACG specializes in designing compensation and benefits plans that ensure compliance with the provisions of H.R. 2337 and Revenue Code Section 4958. We work closely with the Chairman of the Board of Directors, the Executive Compensation Committee, and of course, the CEO, to ensure that all reward systems fully comply with the requirements of the law. Please contact us for more information about this service

Integrated Strategic Employee Engagement Surveys

Organizational success is predicated on having a management and staff that is engaged in the success of their organizations and are motivated to excel in an atmosphere of continuous quality improvement. It is no wonder that the Joint Commission, CMS, the Malcolm Baldridge National Quality Award, and others places such a strong emphasis on employee engagement.

Employee surveys are used by almost every organization, yet there are many organizations that struggle with employee engagement. Simply put, surveys are not the answer! In fact a poorly done survey often does more harm than good. Surveys must be a part of an integrated strategy to engage employees. Lighthouse ACG works with clients to create an end to end strategy to improve employee engagement and use surveys as key benchmarking and diagnostic tools.

HR Strategy and Corporate Alignment 

A critical factor for organizational success is Total Alignment. Total Alignment means the full integration of all aspects of the organization¡¯s mission, vision, values, and corporate goals into the way it manages, evaluates, and compensates its management team and staff. Lighthouse Associates¡¯ Total Alignment consulting service begins with a comprehensive look at many of the major aspects of the way the organization is run. It includes examining and potentially redesigning corporate and organizational structures, performance management systems, compensation systems, management models, and employee relations strategies and practices, as well as other aspects of the organization.

Health and Welfare Benefit Plan Review and Design 

With benefit costs increasing at an escalating rate, employers are often faced with reducing benefits, increasing employee contributions, and even eliminating benefits completely. We take a different approach from many other "benefits consultants." We focus on turning benefits into a strategic advantage for employers. By using proven, documented plan design, funding and utilization management strategies, we are able to offer client organizations solutions that can reduce the rate of increase - and even potentially reduce the actual cost - improve the perception of employees about their benefits, and provide the organization with a competitive advantage in recruitment markets.